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Making money on the internet is easier than you think!

·         Be naïve enough to believe it will work for you.

·         Don’t be too naïve.

·         Don’t quit!

The first point, “Be naïve enough to believe it will work for you.” Means – don’t listen to the nay-sayers.  These may be people who truly love you and don’t want to see you get hurt, but they are WRONG!

That is if you don’t fall into the trap of #2, “Being too naïve.”  Let’s face it, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  This is not always the case however.  I only promote sites that have actually paid me.  I have seen the wild claims on the internet “How to retire in 30 days” and “How to make $1 million in 6 months.  I can’t say whether these are true or not simply because I refuse to devote my time or effort to these programs.  Instead I focus on programs that are time tested.

The last point “Don’t quit!” is a common trap that causes most people to fail.  Many people, if they don’t see immediate results, throw up their hands and conclude that the program doesn’t work.  I can tell you (as can thousands of others) that all of these programs that I recommend do indeed work.  You just need the staying power to make them work for you!

Please feel free to check out these programs, and ask any questions that you might have.  I’ll do my best to answer them.  If you decide to join any or all of them, I promise to be there to help and guide you as you grow.

        Proof          $3,858.17 paid so far!

Neobux has been paying its members since 2008.  Money can be made with little or no investment.  Be warned however, that the speed that you grow is directly proportional to the amount that you invest.  I’ve been a member since April 2015.  As you can see from my banner, it has already been paying off.

ClixSense       Proof          $622.16 paid so far!

ClixSense has been around since 2007.  Until recently I didn’t think to highly of this program.  I only saw it as a way to make “chump change”.  .  Like I said, recently my opinion has changed.  They pay referrals to 8 levels, so it’s like the shampoo commercial from the 70’s.  If you tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on, and so on…  The following chart shows just how powerful this can be

# of Friends # of Referrals # of Friends # of Referrals # of Friends # of Referrals
2 256 6 1,679,616 11 214,358,881
3 6,561 7 5,764,801 12 429,981,696
4 65,536 8 16,777,216 13 815,730,721
5 390,625 9 43,046,721 14 1,475,789,056
10 100,000,000 15 2,562,890,625

Imagine if you told 20 friends.

banner1      Proof          $716.60 paid so far!

MyFreeShares has been around since 2004.  This was the first PTC site that I joined.  I didn’t know much about PTC’s at the time, so I eventually stopped visiting the site.  What makes them unique is their share system.  Its like owning “shares” on the stock market (but they never go down). As long as you are a member, you get paid.  Albeit, not much, if you don’t participate in the various upgrades and actively market the site, but they do pay you.  They pay down to the 5th referral level.

DonkeyMails     Proof          $244.82 paid so far!

Donkeymails was created by the owner of MyFreeShares.  Springboarding  off of the success of MyFreeShares, DonkeyMails has been around and paying its members since 2005.  It is similar to MyFreeShares, as it pays to 5 levels.  As far as I am concerned, Donkeymails and EasyHits4U are the best site for promoting your other sites.


     Proof          $60.23 paid so far!

Eden Traffic is touted to be the next Traffic monsoon.  I sure hope so.  It has a great compensation plan.

EHi4U     Proof          $15.28 paid so far!


Jill's     Proof          $34.20 paid so far!

No-Minimum     Proof               $4.43 paid so far!

Two other sites that I joined are Jill’s Click Corner and No-Minimum.Com. I haven’t investigated them thoroughly and have only made a few dollars from them.  The main reason that I joined them.  The owner of MyFreeShares (and DonkeyMails) owns them too, and he is very trustworthy.

Other sites that I have joined and been paid by are as follows:

Scarlet      Proof          $764.96 paid so far!

       Proof          $71.03 paid so far!

These two sites didn’t really garner much respect from me in the beginning.  Now I have a whole new attitude toward them.  Their rented referrals are cheap and they have a very good average.  They have been around and paying since 2009 (Scarlet Clicks), and 2010 (GPT Planet). You really ought to check them out.

CCamel      Proof                 $1.22 paid so far!

They haven’t paid me much, but every little bit counts.